An Open Letter to the President  and Members of Congress:

I just don’t get it.  What has happened to our country?  How did it get so bad?  The state of our once glorious nation now reminds me of the quote by Lord Acton in an 1887 letter to Bishop Creighton,  “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I am not writing this letter as a Democrat or Republican, but as a responsible United States of American Citizen.  The only side I will take is that of all other American Citizens.

 My husband and I were both born and raised in the US.  We were raised with very similar moral and family beliefs.  Our major difference was our political views.  He was raised a Democrat, and I was raised Republican.  We decided early on to put our political differences aside, and do what was best for us and our family.  This is not to say there haven’t been difficulties, but we have been together for over 23 years and have ALWAYS done what was in the best interests of our family, politics aside.

We both raised our children to believe in the American way of life and trust in our governmental systems and bodies.  We both worked hard, kept our “noses to the grindstone”, living the American dream.  In 2004 we decided to live our personal dream of living on a Caribbean Island and owning a small business.  The United States of America and our democratic processes had allowed us to be able to work hard and reap the benefits in order to let us experience our personal dream. We knew we would be leaving our wonderful country, but only for a short time, as our plan was to, when we were ready, to retire to the only place we knew we wanted to retire, the good ole’ USA.

Unfortunately our plan was cut short.  I was ill, and knowing the US had the best medical anywhere in the world, to find out what was wrong, we returned with medical insurance in hand.  In an extremely abbreviated explanation, here is what happened.  Diagnosis: Stage 3 colo-rectal cancer.  We had to sell our business, and all we owned, dissolving our entire retirement in order to pay the HUGE bills medical insurance would not cover.  Because we had the means, even if it meant we would be penniless afterward, we did not seek, nor did we qualify for any type of assistance.  Our attitude was, we are Americans and we can start over.  It won’t be easy, but we can do it.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, we no longer live the US I remember leaving in 2004.

All my life, I strived not to live paycheck to paycheck, which is what we do now. Even though I could be medically disabled, I cannot afford it, and I do not want to burden my already overtaxed government.  My son recently said, “Mom, I was reading that “in the day” people never talked about being in debt, it was an embarrassment”.  I told him he was right.  He then said “you can’t survive these days if you are NOT in debt”.  Once again, I told him he was right.  What a said state of affairs we are in.

Your actions regarding our national budget and debt have been totally irresponsible and self-absorbing.  Why is it that you all have forgotten your oath to serve?  Why have you decided to forsake your family, the American citizens?  How can you all live with yourselves, receiving your paychecks, for NOT doing your job?  According to a recent poll in June 2013, 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Why?  In all honesty a small percentage is due to personal irresponsibility, but the majority is people like me and my husband.

Now because of political infighting, pure stubbornness, greed and your inability to see what this should really be about, the safety, concern and wellbeing of the American citizen, you have shut the government down.  You are like children, throwing tantrums and “calling bluffs”.  You cannot see through the corruption of power, to see what you are REALLY doing to us!

It is time to address the root causes.  You spend indiscriminately.  You have no concept of how to build or manage a budget.  You “rob Peter to pay Paul”.  If the federal government were a family or a business, you all would be bankrupt, out of business or worse, dead.

In reality, the bubble is about to burst.  There is no possible way to continue on the path you are on.

So it is now time to pull up your big boy and big girl pants.  You need to admit defeat, and instead of using silly putty to repair what is broken, seek advice from the experts….

Consult with the 76% of the Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.  It is truly amazing; with how badly you have screwed up our government, and have left us high and dry… that we can barely survive.

I’m sure that utilizing our tactics, the American government could be out of the ridiculous amount of debt we are in, working within a balanced budget,  practice the true art of negotiation and treat everyone fairly and with respect.

We trusted you all to represent us, our wants, needs and desires, not your own personal agendas… you have failed us…



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